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EchoData Media
About EchoData Media.
Located in New Holland, Pa., EchoData Media is a division of EchoData Group of Coatesville, PA, with additional facilities located in Newark, Delaware and is recognized as a market leader in Fulfillment and Distribution services. In 2012 David Dering joined EchoData as its General Manager of Media Services bringing replication and printing experience that dates back to 1986 when he founded AmericanHelix. EchoData Media offers complete turn-key services to support digital media projects of all sizes.

Our list of services includes:

  • CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Replication
  • Audio, ROM, and DVD Premastering
  • Complete Fulfillment Services
  • Custom Color Disc Label Printing
  • CDR, DVDR, Blu-Ray and USB Duplication
  • Industry Standard and Custom Packaging


EchoData Media • 121 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, PA 17557, USA
P: 717.351.4200 • F: 610.466.2110 • E: