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EchoData Media Team ... over 20 years of experience.
Providing customers with the management and service required to create, produce and distribute media/digital products within a frame work that is FAST, FOCUSED, and FLEXIBLE.

It is the mission of EchoData Media to provide service at a level, which exceeds customer's expectations. Echo will be responsible and accountable to its customers in providing them with the highest quality, most reliable and most practical cost solutions of getting their product to market

In 1986 after 10 years of Optical Lens manufacturing experience, David Dering, the current General Manager of EchoData Media, entered the compact disc manufacturing market with one of the first fully integrated manufacturing cells in the industry.

In the early 1990's the CD industry was exploding and American Helix was acquired by Kao Infosystems in 1993 to take them into the CD-ROM market. Kao Infosystems was the worldwide market leader in the production of floppy disks and their customers were pushing them into the compact disc market. Dering's AmericanHelix Team, now under the Kao name, served customers that included Microsoft, Compaq, Novell, Borland, Lotus, America On-line and Electronic-Arts at its Lancaster based operation to name a few. In 1996, Dering completed his contract with Kao and decided it was time to acquire his Lancaster based facility back from Kao to return as an independent replicator.

Today, Dering and his EchoData Team bring to its customers 20 years of experience on a global basis in the project management, manufacturing and distribution of media based products.


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