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Frequently Asked Questions.
Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers. Please review them to see if your question can be answered. If you still need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I still specify the numerics on my replicated discs?
A: YES. The IRMA specifications do not affect how Echo implements numerics. That means the special requests you have had in the past for numerics will not be affected.

Q: I place a lot of re-orders on my selections at Echo. Do my selections get reviewed under the IRMA program every time I place a re-order?
A: NO. Each source received from a customer must be reviewed only once under the IRMA criteria. Once that review has been performed, your source will not have to undergo the IRMA anti-piracy review again, although we are ALWAYS looking for signs of potential piracy. That means the special requests you have had in the past for numerics will not be affected.

Q: If my data source is reviewed by Echo and is considered unacceptable by IRMA standards, is my order cancelled?
A: NO, but it may be delayed. Your customer service representative will contact you and request the appropriate information to make your source acceptable. Should we not receive adequate information, your source will be returned to you and your order will then be cancelled.

Q: Does the IRMA Anti-Piracy Compliance Program include the review of song writing and publishing rights?
A: NO. Song writing and publishing rights are not included in the scope of this program.

Q: Are CDs the only product covered under the IRMA program?
A: NO. The IRMA specification covers all optical disc products which includes DVDs. Also, Echo is voluntarily including audio cassette production under this program.

Q: Is Echo required by the IRMA Specification to keep my source for a period of time after my order has been filled?
A: NO. Your source may be returned to you at any time per your request. Echo retains a replica from your order and will maintain the ability to re-mold a replica for our record keeping purposes.

Q: Does Echo need to receive a file listing with every CD-ROM?
A: NO. You do not need to supply a file and directory listing with every CD-ROM. If you have one, please send it, but it is not required. What IS required is that you send in a completed Echo Anti-Piracy Form with every source, including CD-ROMs.

Q: I have a CD-ROM application which has updates issued every month. Is it possible to submit paperwork for my application once and not have to worry about submitting it again?
A: NO. The IRMA program, and its record keeping, is based upon every source received. Thus, completed forms and pertinent licensing information is required with every received data source. All sources are reviewed after receipt, including replacement sources.

Q: Are blank Echo Anti-Piracy Forms available on the Website?
A: YES. You'll find them in our Forms page.

Q: I wish to submit an audio recording of myself performing original material (similar situation for software developers submitting their own software). I don't have any formal documentation showing a registered copyright or official licensing. Can I still submit my data source for replication? If so, what does Echo need?
A: YES. You may still submit your data source for replication. We would require a letter or formal document indicating (1) the name of the original artist (or software developer, as the case may be), (2) their address (PO boxes are not acceptable), and (3) their telephone number (fax and page numbers are not acceptable). This document should clearly state that they give their broker, or Echo, the rights to replicate their material. Depending upon the information received, Echo may deem it necessary to request additional supporting information. These conditions hold true for developers of software CD-ROMs as well.

Q: Do software packages which are freely distributed require licensing documentation for replication?
A: POSSIBLY. Some freely distributed software packages, like web browsers, still require a licensed distribution agreement to be filed with the vendor. You should check with your software vendor before submitting your source material for replication. Proof of licensing will be required for replication.

Q: I have my own CD-R with purchased software on it. I want to replicate it for use within my own organization. Since I am not selling the discs, do I still need to have licensing documentaion submitted with the source for replication?
A: YES. You must provide documentation indicating that you own the adequate number of user licenses for the number of CDs you wish to replicate.


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